Creative Environments Landscape Co., Inc.
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PO Box 1267
Concord, MA 01742
Front entry planting with brick walk and light post
Spring bulbs add color to landscape
Large planting beds add interest to view from front entrance
Fieldstone steppers lead through the shade garden to the back yard
Broken bluestone walk creates informal path to back yard sunroom
Winter snow adds new interest to landscape
Peastone path wanders past rustic paddock and barn area
Quiet sitting area offers a resting space along the peastone walk
Existing sculptural pieces were featured in a custom fountain and pool on the side of the main patio area.
Mature plantings surround this cozy eating area.
Formal plantings, stone wallk and arbor all add interest to the front entrance view
Broken bluestone path invites a stroll around to the back.
Broken bluestone patio creates an informal sitting area in the back yard
Single broken bluestone steppers draw the eye to the arbor at the far end of the path
Fieldstone wall adds continuity between the stepping stone path and the lawn beyond.
Below are three different complete landscapes installed by Creative Environments Landscape Co., Inc.  Each property presented a unique set of requirements alongside specific client goals.  These photos demonstrate the variety of defined spaces that can coexist within a single property.  
Elegant Colonial - Concord
Historic Home - Concord
Stately Colonial - Lexington