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Walls and Steps
Fieldstone Wall with bluestone patio.  Bluestone steps with fieldstone risers.
N.E. Fieldstone wall with bluestone cap.  Bluestone steps with fieldstone risers
Grey Granite rock-faced steps with a broken bluestone walk (grey and green tones).
Fieldstone mix stone wall with broken bluestone path
New England fieldstone steps - hand selected stone for riser and tread
Antique (aged) granite slab steps
Connecticut White Line retaining wall (flats or thins)
Van Tassel granite sitting and retaining wall with multiple pattern lilac colored bluestone patio
Van Tassel Granite retaining wall and steps with lilac colored bluestone treads
Antique or Aged granite slab steps with granite curb edging and antique cobblestone (Belgian Block) paving
New England Fieldstone wall with Stanstead grey granite slab steps
Concrete block retaining wall and steps and concrete paver landing to basement access
Custom radius cut Woodbury Grey Granite  slab steps
Woodbury Grey Granite landings and step with clay brick riser
Lilac colored Bluestone rock-faced treads with Connecticut White Line risers and broken bluestone inset landing and walk
Bluestone steps with Belgian Block risers and multiple pattern bluestone landings and walk
Woodbury Gray Granite rock-faced granite slab landing with inset of herringbone pattern clay brick
Lilac colored broken bluestone landing and walk.  Fieldstone veneer foundation and step risers with lilac colored bluestone treads and wall cap.
Fieldstone walls and risers with bluestone treads and brick upper landing and broken bluestone patio
Bluestone landing and step with clay brick riser and multiple pattern bluestone walk